Brad Jackson Systems Engineer


I am a polygot, a full-stack developer who harnesses knowledge of multiple languages to solve business problems. Currently I work in Information Security.


I have created multiple full-stack websites on app engine using Flask and Jekyll; therefore I have adequate experience with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.


I mainly write Javascript, Spring Boot Java, and Python daily. Other languages I work with include: Ruby and C++. I favor Python.


When I worked in Server Operations I became comfortable performing administrative tasks on *NIX variations including SunOS, HP-UX, AIX, Red Hat, and CentOS. I know basic (relational - SQL) database management and am skilled in containerization technologies such as Docker, k8s, and Helm.


I use Git/Github on a daily basis (yes, weekends) and am familiar with common development practices. I prefer to use VSCode over other IDEs mainly because I switch languages multiple times a day, it provides a unified GUI, and most of my local development revolves around the terminal.